bilstein pss9 coilovers



when i bought the car thething was slammed. i pulled a wheel to see that the previous owner had someone cut the springs. this wouldnt do, the car either scraped frame over speedbumps or literally got stuck. it was too low to use the oem jack without someone lifting up on the fender for me. in addition i couldnt get the car properly aligned in the rear and it was eating through tires. the cut springs had to go.

i was bullshitting on OT in an s2000 thread and a guy chimed in that he used to have one and had some parts left over that he forgot about. turns out he had a set of bilstein pss9 coilovers, which was exactly what i wanted. the kit retails for ~$1300 and i ended up getting this for under $800 shipped. score!


alignment sheet with the cut springs


a pack of smokes doesnt even fit under the rocker panels, but it did look pretty nice



shitty cell pics of the pss9s unboxed and a shot of the drivers rear installed