pro-pain injection system



This is what it's all about. This propane injection system was designed by turbo buick guru Jay Carter. It allows you to run insane amounts of boost WITHOUT race gas. A friend of mine had this kit on his WRX and decided he wanted to go with cobb tuning heads and cams, so he sold it to me for a very nice price. The kit was very simple to install. All I had to do was mount the bottle in the trunk, drill a small hole, and run the line through the framerail all the way to the engine bay. I ziptied the braided stainless line to the brake lines and drilled a small hole in the inlet pipe. It took all of half an hour. I have had amazing luck with this kit, with the stock turbo I have sustained 23psi with no knock. I have not had a chance to use the kit to its fullest with my newer turbo, but it has still proven itself a very worthy purchase. The boost on my car is safely set at 19psi and I have no intercooler. That's right, every single day, even through the summer, I run upwards of 19psi without an intercooler. This kit even saved my car during an accident. I had a vacuum line blow off on a WOT run, cruising at about 45 mph I punched it and the boost shot up to 28psi before I even knew it. I freaked out and let off the gas expecting the worst. With 93 octane gas and without propane, anything on my car above 16psi would create increasing amounts of detonation. That night the car had hit 28 and everything was fine afterwards. Thanks for designing an amazing kit jay.


here you can see the tank is mounted in the center of the trunk on the package shelf


closeup of the tank mount, the regulator, gauges, solenoid and wiring



the pressure regulator and the gauges are used to limit the pressure output to ease tuning



the nozzle is installed in the back of the inlet pipe before the turbo to insure proper mixing



At uhaul getting the propane tank filled. A fill up is usually less than $3.00 and lasts about three weeks