When we found the car the interior was in really bad shape. The carpet was trashed, it had no front buckets, and the door panels were damaged from a water leak in the windshield. A friend of mine, John Martin, had some black carpet for sale so we picked that up. Soon after that I talked to another good friend of mine, Mark Martone, and he supplied me with the Lear Siegler leather buckets and two new good door panels. I cleaned up all of the interior plastic with degreaser and a toothbrush then applied Formula 2001 over everything to keep it protected.. its water based so it wont make your dash crack like armor-all eventually will.


this is how the interior looks today with the door panels installed and everything nice and clean


I got in contact with a woman that did upholstery work and she re-did my lear's with the same color pattern as 85-87 grand national seats. these next two were before I had the door panels in and before I bought a shifter handle.


this is how the old seats looked after I photoshopped them, not too bad. the reality however was that the cloth on the seats was worn through and torn in many places. the knobs on the seats are for adjusting the bolsters on the sides of the seat for lateral support.