the hood mat served its job well.. may it rest in peace. you can see where the flames burned it (white spots), and how it is now falling apart and looks like shit. basically this is what happens when you go WOT for ~20 miles.

these two pictures show, also, what happens when you're WOT for extended periods of time, the radiant heat from the DP and the WRAPPED up pipe, caught the plugwires on fire. the top/right most wire is #6, then #4, then #2
you can sort of see the column damage, and the console damage, and the lack of shifter handle and stereo and ashtray.

you can see the plugwires here before i touched them. notice the smoky white film on the valvecover, alternator, ac compressor, bracket, and charge wire.. the up pipe wrap was also burned on the bottom, as was the bottom edge of the downpipe and of course the valvecover.

here you can see what used to be two perfectly good front bumper fillers, i dont know what happened, but as you can see from the pictures, neither of them are still attached to the body. the right side of the header panel is also poked out a bit, as the headlight bucket no longer fits flush with the fender..

this just shows some of the mud from where the thieves went mudding.. oh yea they knocked the shit out of my cold air kit and inlet pipe.. the K&N was dangling from a safety strap i tied around it.....

these three pics are from when i first saw the car in daylight after we had moved it to our own storage area, you can see more mud..